Thursday, November 21, 2019

Information Security Program Survey Research Paper - 1

Information Security Program Survey - Research Paper Example In protecting its information data, the department involves five offices in its organization to effectively secure data in their possession. These offices are the chief technology officer’s council, the chief information officer’s council, the chief information security officer’s workgroup, and the enterprises architecture workgroup. This paper seeks to analyze information security concepts in relation to the roles of the Chief Information Officers Council (, 2012). Information security programs protect the information the organization gathers, creates, processes, transmits and stores. One of the information security programs the organization applies is the use of computerized system to store sensitive information pertaining to personal employee information, various departments financial and management operations, information pertaining to the medical records of millions of American seeking financial aid through the various insurance programs it operates, such as medicare (, 2012). Computerized system of storing and disseminating data is vulnerable to unwarranted entry and hackers from the cyber space. This has an effect of loss of data, and availability of sensitive and highly confidential information to unwarranted recipients. To protect against these risks, the United States congress, in 2002 passed a legislature requiring all Federal institutions to initiate security measures, aimed at protecting their information systems. The statute is referred to as Federal Information Security Management Act, of 2002. In response to this act, the department of Health and Human Services formed the department of the Chief Information Officer (HHS OCIO), whose role is to advice the secretary, and his assistant on all issues pertaining to information security that pertain to the achievement of the organizations goals (, 2012). The office of OCIO develops programs that protect the

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